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Our Services

Phillip Advisory has a pool of more than 1000 experts with national and International experience ranging from PA reform, civil society, research, human rights, tourism, sustainable development, climate change, Health, Infrastructure development. Phillip advisory through its networks has several African Partners (Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Southern Africa, Western Africa and Northern Africa). We also have International Partners (Europe, Asia and America) which are key players in big multifaceted projects which give clients world class standards. You can view all our services below.

Recently Awarded Projects

  • Organizational Technical Assistance for Spatial Development Program”Ref: N.: RFP MZ-UGPTC-212418-CS-QCBS/2021  – Mozambique  funded by World Bank 
  • Economic Diversification Support Project: Institutional Review of the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation –Ref No: EDSP-AfDB-0049 – Lesotho – funded by AfDB 
Institutional Strengthening, Governance and Civil Society

Phillip Advisory offers services of technical assistance, institutional strengthening, capacity building, institutional auditing and organizational consultancy, change management, risk assessment and risk management, human resources development, training and development, institutional communication. We also offer services of Corporate Strategy and Business Plan. 

Social Sustainability & Development

Phillip Advisory acknowledges that no meaningful development can take place without social capital for both government and private. Therefore, the institute advices and supports organisations and communities on social responsibility, social investment projects, stakeholder engagement and sustainable development strategies meant to improve lives and alleviate poverty.

Architecture, Infrastructure and Environment

We also offer services of infrastructure development from EIA surveys, feasibility studies, urban planning, surveys, architectural and preparation of tender dossier, tendering assistance, contract management and supervision of works.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Phillip Advisory provides monitoring and evaluation services on projects progress and close ups. To ensure  the impact and risks of investment and resources deployed, we provide the technical support in evaluating results as well as monitoring progress according to set agenda and terms. Our methodology is based on the belief of sustainability values.

Research and SMEs development Economic Sustainability & Development

We recognise that economic sustainability and policies have impact on environmental and social aspects. Therefore, it is crucial that the institute provides support in the integration of economic policies with environmental and social aspects. Phillip Advisory has programmes that promote sustainable and responsible investing through shareholder  and stakeholder participation

Sustainability Leadership & Governance

Phillip Advisory understands that successful management and implementation of sustainability and sustainable development strategies depend on leadership capacity and governance ideology. We provide programmes in the development of leadership and strategic management of sustainability impact and opportunities and stakeholder engagement. We assist in development of SMEs through different training customised for SMEs Policy Analysis

We provide policy orientated and applied research and analysis support that informs decisions, policies and practices across sectors. Phillip Advisory collects data on various sustainability and sustainable development matters, analyses and provides interpretation for stakeholder consumption. This service also includes corporate authorship on company reports.